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Passwordless Auth

We wanted passwordless auth - let's go over how we accomplished that



A fun little project sparked from a convo on the beach of Costa Rica


Never forget that Git Command

Wanted to test out a few new tools... Vercel's edge as well as OpenAI's API


Let's shorten those links

I wanted to mess around with Upstash - so I figured this best place to start was creating a tutorial on a link shortner... using, of course, middle-out compression


Rebuilding Mint’s UI From the Ground Up Using CardParts (iOS)

It’s impossible! Too ambitious! Overhauling the user interface of Mint — a multi-feature iOS application that has not changed significantly since it’s launch in 2008 — seems like a daunting endeavor. How was our development team able to accomplish this redesign? Easy. We used a UI framework we built called CardParts.